I'm sitting here with my daughter, who loves to draw. She's six years old and I swear she's a genius, and I'm not just saying that because she's my daughter. I mean, look at what she drew from the top of her head--

My daughter just being awesome

My daughter just being awesome

She asked me just a few minutes ago "Daddy, what should I draw today?" then I handed her her own drawing, and told her "this should give you an idea." She looked at it and said "I got it!" then pushed the paper on the floor in which I had to pick it up. My daughter throws a lot of things on the floor I pick up, but I digress--

As producers of art, we go through many stages of our creative development. Sometimes we may hit a wall. Some of us smash our faces into the wall. Some of us give up and just take a nap leaning on the wall. I say the way to get over, or break through it is to be inspired by works. It may be your own work, or it may be someone else's. 

As the saying goes "Good artist copy; great artist steal," it will always be your 'original' idea, because it comes from your head. I put 'original' in quotes because nothing is adherently original. What I mean is as creative as we may be on a certain level it is almost a rarity to produce a truly unique piece of work that no one has ever seen. So don't feel pressured into producing the next "Godfather", or write the next "Network." (I love 70's cinema)  

Hop into what I call pockets of creativity which are often recycled from some piece of art, or life experience you've seen and/or encountered. It's in those moments that we strike great connections of inspiration, but we have to take time and enjoy the things that got us started in filmmaking in the first place. So watch films you love, watch shows with great writing, read books (not just filmmaking books), and search for that connection. 

Boom-boom-boom--And DONE!

Below is a link to a book I'm currently reading, that has nothing to do with filmmaking but will send your imagination into a frenzy. It's called "The Peregrine: The Hill of Summer & Diaries: The Complete Works of J.A. Baker" Click on the picture below to view it.

Let me know what inspires you to create--