5. How Good are You and How Fast Can You Work? / by Rahum Brown

You're misunderstanding why no one wants to work with you. It's not because you're not good at what you do. It's not because you don't work well with others, it's because you're a perfectionist. 

Lotion that Shit Shaq

Now, don't get me wrong, being a perfectionist has its advantages, the main one being your work looks perfect. However when someone hires you, they not only want you to produce top notch images, they want you to work fast. 

Every project you're involved in is a learning experience. So never look at any opportunity to film as a 'throw-away' job. Every time you put that camera on the tripod, you start to learn how to light faster, how to direct faster because you're learning the rhythm of how you work. 

Whenever I first get on set I have butterflies in my stomach, the way I get rid of this nervousness is to prepare. Preparation is especially great for the perfectionist. Prepare first then worry about the execution. If it's something that is a narrative, I storyboard, I write a shot list and blueprint a light layout of the scene. If it's something that is a documentary, I bring all the tools I would need to shoot. 

So be prepared, and stop wasting everyone's time. Eventually, you'll get to a level where you don't need to prepare as much, and when you do, you have exceeded the Matrix, you are the one--Neo.